EasyMiner easy association rule mining, classification and anomaly detection

Installation instructions

The easiest, preferred method of installation of EasyMiner system is to use images for the docker environment. Manual installation from source code is also supported. It is also possible to use combination of docker images and direct installation from source code. For example, you can use the prepared docker images for backend and connect them with a manually installed frontend service.

From Docker images with Docker compose (recommended)

Docker images are available for the open source version EasyMiner/R. For the installation of the latest release (v2.7), you can run the sequence of following commands (requires Docker 1.12+):

Download docker-compose.yml from https://github.com/KIZI/EasyMiner and at same directory run following commands:

docker-compose pull
docker-compose up --force-recreate -d easyminer

From Docker images without Docker compose

docker network create easyminer
docker pull mariadb:10
docker run --name easyminer-mysql -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=root --network easyminer -d mariadb:10 --sql-mode=""
docker pull kizi/easyminer-frontend:v2.7
docker run -d -p 8894:80 --name easyminer-frontend --network easyminer kizi/easyminer-frontend:v2.7
docker pull kizi/easyminer-backend:v2.4
docker run -d -p 8893:8893 -p 8891:8891 -p 8892:8892 --name easyminer-backend -e EM_USER_ENDPOINT=http://easyminer-frontend/easyminercenter --network easyminer kizi/easyminer-backend:v2.4
docker pull kizi/easyminer-scorer:v2.4
docker run -d -p 8080:8080 --name easyminer-scorer --network easyminer kizi/easyminer-scorer:v2.4

Important URLs

  • Web GUI: http://<docker-server>:8894/easyminercenter
  • Frontend API endpoint: http://<docker-server>:8894/easyminercenter/api
  • Frontend re-install page: http://<docker-server>:8894/easyminercenter/install

Important notes

  • Use IP address or URL for docker-server, NOT localhost! Using localhost will block crossite scripting, eventually leading to error
  • If you run EasyMiner in virtual machine, use Bridged adapter (not NAT)

Manual installation from source code

Source code of the main components of the current version of EasyMiner/R are linked in one central GitHub repository KIZI/EasyMiner. The structure of these repositories is described in the For Developers section of this website.

For manual installation, please check the installation notes of the required components on GitHub:

Frontend configuration - EasyMinerCenter installation

The EasyMinerCenter  component  includes a web installation wizard. If you use this wizard,  you will not have to manually edit any configuration files.

If you install EasyMiner using the Docker images, the installation is ready to use without further setup. You can still modify the configuration using the installation wizard. Note that the pre-configured values are visible and you can opt to do only the required changes.

If you install EasyMiner from the source code, you have to run the installation wizard as the latest step of the installation of EasyMiner services.

The steps of the EasyMinerCenter installation wizard are:

  1. checking of server configuration
  2. configuration of databases for EasyMinerCenter data and user data (connection params, database types...)
  3. configuration of available data mining backend(s)
  4. configuration of social network logins - EasyMinerCenter supports Facebook and Google login, but you have to register own app ID and configure it in the installation wizard

Further information relating to the installation wizard is available on the GitHub wiki.