EasyMiner easy association rule mining, classification and anomaly detection

Demo of Association Rule Learning and Classification

EasyMiner/Cloud Web Application demo

EasyMiner/Cloud Web App demo

This new, currently developed version of EasyMiner is based a new data-mining backend with support for big data. Depending od data size, EasyMiner/Cloud uses arules R or Spark data mining implementation. If you are new to EasyMiner, you can first quickly skim our tutorial.

In order to try out Easyminer you need a csv file with attribute-value data. Data in the transaction format are not supported.

This implementation supports two different types of databases:

  • limited
    • recommended
    • suitable for most datasets
  • unlimited
    • for really big datasets only
    • in this demo installation, simultaneous work of more users is disabled

EasyMiner/R Prediction API demo endpoint

Prediction REST API demo endpoint

For this demo, you need to have an API key. When using the Swagger UI, the API key field is in top right. API key is generated automatically when you set up account in our Web App Demo, following the first link above. To display it, you need to click on the user icon in the top right corner of EasyMiner Web App, and select "Show my profile".

Dataset suggestion

The demonstration concerns fictious bank Barbora that was a part of Discovery challenge of the PKDD99 conference held in Prague in September 1999. The goal of the analysis is to find interesting segments of clients and types of loans. More information about this dataset is available here.

Download the convenience dataset with credit ratings of clients of a fictitious bank: loans.csv.


Public EasyMiner web REST service and web application (both jointly referred to as Service) are provided solely for demonstration purposes without any warranty of any kind, either express or implied. The User acknowledges and agrees to use the Service at Users own risk.

The User acknowledges and agrees that safety, integrity and privacy of any datasets or user content (jointly referred to as Content) uploaded or inserted to the Service are not guaranteed. While we make some effort to keep data in the Service private, we do not have the resources to ensure that this process does not fail, for example due to human error or an unauthorized breach of the system. For this reason, we demand that the User acknowledges and agrees that any Content submitted to the demo service can be kept perpetually in the Service, altered in any way, and disclosed to third parties.